Building a Strong Foundation So You Don’t Become THAT Church

by | July 13, 2023

Some mottos have stood the test of time. You know the sayings, “Measure twice, cut once,” or “Always be prepared.” They have endured the test of time for good reason; they are worthy of following. As you choose how best to prepare, measure, and cut into your ministry goals, think about Christ’s sayings. He taught the early church how to pray, how to give, and how to share the gospel, but he also taught them to be shrewd. He, the master builder, laid foundational principles to guide them. He didn’t send them out before setting an example to follow. Neither should we send nor go without a worthy example and foundation.

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Recognizing the Need for Support and Humility in Church Leadership

Some churches would like to be known as the most welcoming in their community. Others believe that if the Holy Spirit leads, nothing will go wrong. But sadly, this is not the case. From scripture, we know some of the religious leaders who were supposed to be at the pinnacle of their religious awareness were getting it wrong. Jesus was quick to point this out to his disciples. It amounted to a severe lack of humility on the part of the leaders. In today’s ministry environment, admitting we need a little help in certain areas is paramount. Laying a foundation is not a small thing. It begins with an admission. We may find we cannot handle everything that comes across our desks without proper tools.  

For instance, you probably wouldn’t attempt on your own to mix cement, spread it, and lay the foundation of your dream home, right? You’d find someone qualified who has the proper tools. In the same way, you must find the right support for handling your ministry’s human resources. Your Human Resources department might be tiny (or even non-existent), but it doesn’t have to be.  

Churches often spring to life by a calling and a desire to share the love of God, but this alone does not keep them running. Many of us have seen how a small group can quickly manifest into a full-fledged ministry. And before they know it, they are headed for a crash at the intersection of compliance with the law and Spiritual growth. But instead of facing this reality, we like to say things like, “God’s in control” or “He’ll fight our battle for us.” As absolute as this is, God’s perfect design in Eden was one where He gave us jobs to do. In giving us work, He essentially taught us to partner with Him (including doing our due diligence) as we maintain the garden.

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Navigating Challenges and Safeguarding the Integrity of the Church

Without the proper foundation and support, some churches have lost their way, becoming THAT church. You know the ones… the church facing a lawsuit, the church with a revolving door of discontented employees and parishioners, or (heaven forbid) THAT church accused of abuse or moral failure. And while our inner church lady may tell us we need to show grace rather than condemnation, churches must also comply with unavoidable laws and mandates. The sad truth we face this side of Heaven is that life is hard, and how churches handle these instances can make all the difference in the life of the church body, both individually and universally. Becoming legally compliant and up to date with requirements is vital (and the law!)

When you build a strong foundation of good human resources practices, train your team right, and protect your exemptions as a religious employer, you create a place where ministry can happen effectively. Church HR Network was built with this in mind. Our mission is to help ministries flourish by equipping you to navigate the unique HR challenges you face as a faith-based employer. Drawing on decades of ministry experience, we provide the help you need to avoid common pitfalls and stay current with ever-changing HR legal requirements. We are ready to partner with you, so you won’t be THAT church. Give us a call today at 888-807-2476.

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