Compliance Training Solutions for the Ministry

Workshops and Training Sessions for Your Organization

At Church HR Network, we offer several workshops and training for faith-based organizations; including Harassment Prevention Training, Mandated Reporter Training, and Security Trainings.
We can also provide custom training and workshops, including virtual and in-person options, that are personalized to your unique ministry’s needs.

Online Trainings for Faith-Based Organizations

The church is called to a higher standard. At Church HR, we understand that you don’t just want any training – you want training that highlights your beliefs and values.

Harassment Prevention Training

Our Harassment Prevention Training, commonly known as sexual harassment training, is tailored specifically to faith-based organizations, and combines the values of your faith with real-world scenarios and an educational dialogue. For this training, we have California compliant training and all states training.
Handling allegations or receiving a report of an incident that may have involved your staff is challenging, but it even happens in ministry and requires a careful approach.
Because allegations within your staff or against your staff are serious and require investigation, having a third-party available to consult with can create a more supportive environment.
That’s why our harassment investigation program is customized specifically to your faith-based organization. By integrating your values into our educational training, we’ll provide you with the tools needed to handle any situation with care.

Have a current misconduct or harassment allegation? Need Investigation Services?

Mandated Reporter Training

Also offered in-person

The term “mandatory reporter” refers to those who are required by state law to report suspected child abuse. Behaviors that may be covered by mandatory reporting laws may include:

  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Vulnerable adult abuse and neglect
  • Abuse and neglect of mentally or physically disabled individuals
Laws vary widely state-by-state as to who is required to report such behaviors. At Church HR Network, we can help you navigate these laws and determine the appropriate training required for your particular organization.

In-Person Training Solutions

Our in-person training workshops are a great way for your faith-based organization to come together and learn something new.

Sexual Harassment Training

Our training meets all state standards, so you can be sure your organization is staying compliant.

Leadership Training

The right training can contribute to a cohesive partnership between pastor, board, and staff. Beyond the biblical mandate to train up fellow-elders and leaders, training draws people together.
Our Leadership Training workshop will provide your staff with the knowledge they need to become better leaders, making communication easier and more meaningful.

Civil Treatment for Managers Training

Our Civil Treatment for Managers Training is designed to address the issues that your faith-based organization might face on a daily basis. The workshop will help avoid disparate treatment and provide your staff with resources to create a more civil, inclusive, and productive workplace.

All-Hazard Response Training

Whether the problem is severe weather, a security threat, disaster, medical emergency, churches need to have a plan for the unexpected. With our All-Hazard Response Training, your staff will be adequately prepared to face any size problem.

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