Conflict Negotiation

At Church HR Network, we can help with a variety of conflict negotiations; including, elder board conflicts, employee conflicts and harassment negotiations.

A ministry leader helping to resolve a conflict

Providing the Tools for Effective Conflict Resolution

Ministry leaders deal with conflict from time to time – whether it’s from the elder board or between staff members; situations will always arise where conflict negotiation might be necessary.
In order to be effective ministry leaders and maintain the balance of your faith-based organization, it’s important to be equipped with the right tools for conflict resolution; and that’s where we come in.
A ministry leader helping to resolve a conflict

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Elder Conflicts within the Church

Elders working through a conflict together
Whether you are a pastor, church leader, or elder, you may not be sure how to proceed or where to turn when your church is in conflict. At Church HR Network, we can help you faithfully address threats to the viability and effectiveness of your ministry.
We understand that church leaders, pastors, and elders all face daily challenges in leading individuals. Knowing how to navigate the relationships between team members and elders by addressing the differences that naturally exist within all leadership teams can make a world of difference when it comes to resolving conflict – and that’s where we can help. Book a free discovery call with us to get started.

Resolving Employee Conflicts

Unfortunately, employee conflicts can happen anywhere – even within the ministry. We understand the ins and outs of balancing conflict resolution with the church, which is why our conflict resolution process is unique to faith-based organizations.

An employee explaining their conflict to a ministry leader
Our conflict resolution service is a unique faith-based process that identifies key areas of tension and misunderstanding and provides a path towards reconciliation. Our services include:
  • Responding to general HR questions and requests
  • Navigating the conflict with a unique faith-based process that includes:
    • Identifying key areas of tension/conflict
    • Meeting with parties separately/collectively
    • Ensuring that parties agree to specified conduct during the process and until resolution
An employee explaining their conflict to a ministry leader

We can help when conflict arises

When conflict arises in the ministry, it can often be difficult to know where to begin. Outsourcing employee conflict resolution can be a helpful step towards resolution, particularly because it offers staff members a neutral third party to confide in.