Ongoing HR Services

Our ongoing HR Services, including HR 360 and HR Department Assistance and Mentoring, are available for a fee.

We know that when HR doesn’t happen, ministries falter. Our Ongoing HR Services are designed to offer support when you need it – so that you’ll always have a team available when problems or conflicts arise. Simply put, we understand your HR needs help in a busy ministry environment.

HR 360 Membership

Starting at $75 / month
  • Training sessions with certifications
  • Essential documents, forms, templates, opinion letters, and more
  • HR On-Call, a dedicated HR team that you can call or email when needed
  • Webinars on relevant ministry topics
  • Lunch with Leslie
  • Live webinars and Quick Tips

HR Department Assistance & Mentoring

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  • Support through ongoing training
  • Customized monthly one-on-one virtual trainings
  • Creation of new employee handbooks, employee protocols, SOPs, and other materials
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HR 360 Membership

HR 360 is a comprehensive HR membership service that was specifically designed for churches and faith-based organizations. As the exclusive HR support pillar for your organization, Church HR Network will act as your go-to for all of your urgent and complex HR needs.

Plus, you’ll have access to our library of essential documents, as well as a direct line of communication to a dedicated team who is here to help with your questions or concerns. Members will have exclusive access to:

  • A variety of HR training courses
  • Employee certifications
  • Our Document Library
  • A dedicated HR team at your disposal
  • Unlimited phone and email support
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HR Department Assistance & Mentoring

Our HR Department Assistance & Mentoring services offer support through ongoing training.

We can help train your employees with customized monthly workshops that focus on your organization’s specific needs; whether it’s creating new employee handbooks or setting up protocol for recruiting, hiring, and interviewing employees.
Our team will come in and lead the training workshops in-person or virtually through a series of video calls. We can advise and assist you with everything from creating standard operating procedures to developing a crisis management plan.