HR 360 Membership American Church Group of (CO/ NE / N.D. / S.D. / WY / KS)

HR 360 Membership American Church Group of (CO/ NE / N.D. / S.D. / WY / KS)

HR360 is a comprehensive HR membership service specifically designed for churches and faith-based organizations. Our membership tiers are based on your number of full-time equivalent employees. Learn more  

# of Full-Time Equivalent Employees:


Your membership is pre-paid by ACG! Hooray! During checkout, please enter your organization’s info for our records, but note that we are not using it for billing purposes.


As the exclusive HR support pillar for your organization, Church HR Network acts as your go-to for all of your urgent and complex HR needs.

Whether you have 5 full-time equivalent employees or 150, we can help. Our tiered Membership pricing makes this service an affordable option for faith-based organizations of all sizes, ensuring you receive the HR assistance you need.

How HR 360 will help your faith-based organization:

We are deeply involved in the ministry personally, so we are truly passionate about guiding churches and faith-based organizations through the unique HR challenges that they face today. That’s why our HR 360 Membership is designed to offer support when you need it – and that you’ll always have a team available when problems or conflicts arise. For more information, download our informational PDF

What People Are Saying

Our expertise lies in the nuanced and complicated world of faith-based HR and our decades of experience – and our members agree!

Every church should have Leslie on their team!

“Having Leslie in my corner has given me strength and confidence in leading the operations of the church. She stays current with all things HR and responds quickly. Every church should have Leslie on their team!”